Arise Circus Arts is a Circus Arts Instruction and Event Coordination company. Combining performance arts with a solid business platform for the express purpose of bringing the wonder and enjoyment of Circus to the masses.  Arise Circus Arts is dedicated to the principle that everyone is entitled to information and knowledge.

Workshops, Private Lessons and Virtual Consulting available as well as Business Services such as: Resume Writing, Safety Consultations, Risk Analysis & Mitigation and Strategic Business Planning


Arise Circus Arts



Entrepreneur & Circus Arts Instructor Carey Jennette is passionate about teaching as well as helping the Circus Arts community understand  business practices and professionalism.  She has studied, taught, and stage managed at centers locally and globally. Carey has a solid core of fundamentals, a BBA in International Business Management, and fifteen years of hands on business experience outside of the Circus community as well as within. Passionate about teaching and continuing her own education, she continues to take lessons, attend conferences, workshops, and teacher trainings to ensure she is providing safe, comprehensive instruction.  


Circus Arts Credentials & Experience

Acrobatic Conundrum 2018: Acrobatic Rigging & Production Support

Atlanta Aerial Festival 2018 & 2015: Workshop Leader/Stage Management

Freefall Theater 2018: Safety Consultation/Risk Analysis & Mitigation/Acrobatic Rigging

2014 EDCON Conference

2017 AYCO Workshop Leader

ACE Teaching Member

Production & Stage Management

Act Creation/Choreography

Rescue Systems/Emergency Planning

Risk Management & Analysis

Flying/Pulley Systems


Formal Education

BBA in Business Administration/International Business

International TEFL Academy/INTERSOL Worldwide

FBI Background Check Available upon Request